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About Me

My Background


I have been influenced by several different directions in life. While a large portion of my life has been involved with military service, I have always had a love of art. After transitioning from soldier to civilian I began my artistic journey. Love of faith, family, and assisting others is what drives me. I have Spent several years building my art and design skills. I believe that all great caricatures are based on a solid understanding of the basic tenants of graphic design.

My Medium


While I love working with traditional mediums the majority of my work is digital. My commissions range from pencil type sketches to realistic painterly style projects. I also create vector designs for branding and social media uses. Ask me about creating a unique t-shirt design for you or your group. Great art and design is essential in any branding, graphic design, or caricatures. Solid design is always a priority at Goofy Ink Designs

My Inspiration


I am constantly finding inspiration everywhere in my daily life. Growing up I was always impressed with my dad's creativity as well as editorial cartoons and artists such as Bill Mauldin, Dick West, and Tom Richmond to name a few. While my father's skills in art and design provided my initial artistic motivation, I truly developed a passion for creativity when I began my journey into the world of caricatures.